Artifact Fashion Studio


At the frontier of curation, design and antiquity - "Artifact" is a fashion design studio whose mission is to resurrect the objects of the past that have defined our history, heroism and beliefs and to reposition them in the course of time so that they can be appropriated by future generations. Each year one or more designers from the African , European and Asian continent challenge each other to create collector's items that aim to reconstruct our history that has been destroyed, falsified, forgotten or erased from memory.  

Fashion Studio



An aesthete and art lover, Sara was first introduced to painting.

But it is by being in contact with artistic universes of all kinds and thanks to her numerous travels that her irrepressible desire to create is born. She then decided to discover the cultural heritage to try to preserve the artisanal heritage. This passionate work leads to a daring stylistic experience. Combining tradition and modernity, sobriety and fantasy...her ambition is to revive and reposition the creativity

of the past.

Head high up" is Kösem's motto.  The brand's diverse and varied inspirations are intended to unite a community that is proud of its identity and boldly asserts its style.  For its first adventure, it advocates a return to the nobility of the manual trade, with the challenge of democratising the Fez. The ambitions of the brand are therefore obvious: to shake up the codes to find a new balance, based on strong values, those of a more modern Morocco, but still faithful to its history and values.